Megala Home offers furniture to decorate any room with your own taste and confidence, there are simple and functional styles with practical parts. Smaller furniture such as tables or chairs provide movement as they can be moved from one place to another.   When mixing styles, size and proportion should be harmonic and be, as well, arranged openly; however it is the customer’s criteria which prevails.

Selecting any furniture style is a personal matter, but there are considerations that you should keep in mind, such as the style of the house and the family members. Furniture should be comfortable, easy to move; size and model should be purchased according to the function and purpose of use. It is also useful to have a general idea when it comes to variety and size since it will all depend on the area where the furnishing is going to be placed. Colors will also be of great help because, according to their size and their design, our room will look bigger or smaller. Even very colorful furniture will make the place look smaller.

  • Rustic style: it is a very peculiar style because it highlights the rural environment with the use of wood furniture (aged), stone walls, artisan pieces.
  • Industrial style: Everything is at sight.  It is anarchic and shows cracks or dents in some areas as a demonstration of authenticity.  In the furniture, smooth and straight lines are shown, in grey tones, coppers and neutral tones.

  • Eastern style: it  represents a region (rather than a design) and comes from China and Japan.  Simplicity is what stands out the most. Like most styles, it is considered that comfort and intimacy of these cultures promotes balance in shapes, calm and relaxation.  The use of wood furniture is especially lacquered in black, ochre and red tones.
  • Vintage or retro style: of natural inspiration, it takes us to the 1930s.  Antique furniture is usually used, which is intervened to give them a touch of modernity.  It is a very artisan style.

  • Minimalist style: The concept “less is more” is the strict standard and applies for colors, with the use of white and neutral tones in contrast to black. Modernized lines rule in this style.
  • Classic style: Wood, noble metals, leather, glass and shiny fabrics are most used in this sumptuous and striking furniture.
  • Romantic style: It still has followers as it is cozy with the use of warm tones (red – pinks) and pastries shades in general. 
  • Nordic style: it mostly uses natural materials with emphasis on the use of wood furniture.  Furniture is intended for home organizing. The colors that stand out are light tones such as beige and soft grey.